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Did a nightlight cause your cancer?

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What if I told you that sleeping with a night light could cause cancer in your body? Stay with me on this one. Your body’s ability to fight off cancer relies in part on the hormone melatonin and melatonin deficiency has been proven to be a common factor in some cancers. Melatonin given to lab rats delays the formation of tumors while significantly slowing their growth and turning off key cancer growth factors. Sleeping with a nightlight effectively shuts off nighttime production of melatonin and disrupts the body’s circadian rhythms, causing stress levels to rise and increasing your chance of cancer while hindering your body’s ability to fight existing cancer. The latest nightlight study even found that sleeping with a light on actually renders breast cancer completely resistant to the cancer drug tamoxifen.

~ via Cancer Nutritionist Craig Stellpflug, NDC

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I'd be more afraid of cancer than the boogie man.

I’d be more afraid of cancer than the boogie man.

Coffee enemas are part of a successful cancer battle plan

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An integral part of any cancer battle plan is coffee enemas. In fact, coffee enemas are not optional treatments for cancer that can be lightly skipped over. Max Gerson was the first to propose that coffee enemas have a positive effect on cancer patients. According to Gerson, coffee enemas improve circulation and tissue integrity to prevent the spread of cancer while helping the body destroy malignant tumors. Coffee enemas primarily facilitate excretion of toxic wastes from the liver, but these enemas also flush fat out of the liver. Coffee enemas also promote and enhance the absorption of vitamin A, enabling patients to use copious amounts of vitamin A to fight cancer – especially when combined with juice fasting, which plays a vital role in immune function. ~ via Cancer Nutritionist Craig Stellpflug, NDC

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Done right, coffee enemas are a front-line cancer treatment.

Done right, coffee enemas are a front-line cancer treatment.

Vitamin D improves cancer survival rates

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High levels of vitamin D doubled the rate of colon cancer survival according to a recent study *. This study looked at both sunshine exposure and dietary sources of vitamin D to find that three quarters of the patients with the highest vitamin D levels were still alive at the end of five years but less than two thirds of the vitamin D deficient patients made it out alive. And this study was with patients who did the standard care surgery and chemotherapy treatments. The association of low vitamin D levels and cancer rates is well-known, yet how many cancer treatment plans include supplementing vitamin D and getting brown in the sun? Not many… In fact, this study doesn’t even recommend vitamin d for cancer treatment. Instead it recommends more study. You don’t have time for more studies! The greatest cancer survival rates come from the highest levels of vitamin D and the best time to seek your health is while you still have it. So start today – before the health crisis. Make mine soy-free, cholecalciferol D3 please. ~ via Cancer Nutritionist Craig Stellpflug, NDC

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* University of Edinburgh. “Vitamin D ups bowel cancer survival odds, study finds.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 9 July 2014.

Waiting til the last minute to check your vitamin D levels could be fatal...

Waiting til the last minute to check your vitamin D levels could be fatal…

Preventing cancer recurrence

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Even if you have won your cancer battle, the war still rages on. Did you know that a majority of medical doctors outright fail to inform cancer survivors of diet related risk factors and preventative measures they can take to help prevent cancer recurrence? Researchers polled 1,600 cancer survivors and asked whether they had received any dietary advice relating to the prevention of cancer recurrence. Only 1 in 3 cancer survivors said that their physician offered any information about diet or nutrition. Find a nutritionist for your nutrition guidance – not a medical doctor. After all, you wouldn’t take your car to the transmission shop for an upholstery repair would you? It’s your life; your responsibility… ~ via Cancer Nutritionist Craig Stellpflug, NDC

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A vast majority of doctors know very little about nutrition.

A vast majority of doctors know very little about nutrition.

Are you sure you want chemo?

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OK, so which is stronger: cancer, chemo or you? Well, it’s a close race between chemo and cancer for the most deadly. If the chemo doesn’t kill you outright, medical studies show that cancer often wins that race later because of the damage chemo does to healthy cells. Formerly-healthy fibroblast cells hit by chemo receive severe DNA damage causing them to release the protein WNT 16B that actually encourages cancer to grow and spread. Cells damaged by chemo increase their WNT 16B by a whopping 3,000%. Oh sure, the tumors shrink at first but watch out for the rebound! On the US National Library of Medicine website is the news of a study estimating the overall contribution of chemotherapy to 5-year “survival”. Stage IV cancers treated with chemo brings a shameful 2.1% five-year survival. Top this off with 201 nasty side effects of chemo listed on the Chemocare website alone. Are you ready to listen to the alternatives? ~ via Cancer Nutritionist Craig Stellpflug, NDC

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Cancer is not caused by a lack of chemo drugs...

Cancer is not caused by a lack of chemo drugs…

Dealing with cancer cachexia

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A study out of Heidelberg University shows that the liver controls severe cachexia weight loss and muscle wasting due to cancer. The latest research shows that cancer doesn’t actually cause deadly cachexia, but rather lowers lipid levels released from the liver that  facilitate the transport of fat in the bloodstream. In about 70% of advanced cancer patients, cachexia presents with an inflamed fatty liver and is characterized by dramatic loss of body weight regardless of food intake. Cachexia is the most pronounced in patients with digestive tract and lung cancers. Victims can lose up to 80 percent of body fat and skeletal muscle with consequent muscle loss producing profound weakness, immobility and eventual death in patients. About 20% of all cancer deaths are a direct consequence of cachexia. Coffee enemas are a natural treatment for cachexia and cause the liver to dump toxins while stimulating bile flow out of the liver, promoting glutathione production, dilating capillaries in the liver to nourish liver cells, promoting pain reduction in the body, infusing antioxidants and stimulating the liver to expel accumulated fats – all the while helping the detoxifying enzyme system in the liver and small intestines.

Break out the coffee!

Break out the coffee!

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Calling vitamin C to the cancer fight

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Vitamin C, ascorbic acid, is required for proper functioning of the immune system. It is a potent antioxidant (free radical fighter). Vitamin C can curb the growth of cancer cells and should be part of any cancer treatment plan. Vitamin C actually tricks cancer cells into taking it into the cell where it effectively destroys them. Humans, great apes, fruit bats and guinea pigs cannot produce their own vitamin C and human-size mammals that do produce their own vitamin C make up to 14,000 mg per day – if they are healthy. If the animal is under stress or sick then they produce much more vitamin C. The RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) actually means Ridiculously Deficient Amounts when it comes to vitamin C. An RDA for an adult male of 95 mg vitamin C a day is insanely low.

Let's make this loud and clear!

Let’s make this loud and clear!

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