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Dealing with cancer cachexia

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A study out of Heidelberg University shows that the liver controls severe cachexia weight loss and muscle wasting due to cancer. The latest research shows that cancer doesn’t actually cause deadly cachexia, but rather lowers lipid levels released from the liver that  facilitate the transport of fat in the bloodstream. In about 70% of advanced cancer patients, cachexia presents with an inflamed fatty liver and is characterized by dramatic loss of body weight regardless of food intake. Cachexia is the most pronounced in patients with digestive tract and lung cancers. Victims can lose up to 80 percent of body fat and skeletal muscle with consequent muscle loss producing profound weakness, immobility and eventual death in patients. About 20% of all cancer deaths are a direct consequence of cachexia. Coffee enemas are a natural treatment for cachexia and cause the liver to dump toxins while stimulating bile flow out of the liver, promoting glutathione production, dilating capillaries in the liver to nourish liver cells, promoting pain reduction in the body, infusing antioxidants and stimulating the liver to expel accumulated fats – all the while helping the detoxifying enzyme system in the liver and small intestines.

Break out the coffee!

Break out the coffee!

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