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Coffee enemas are part of a successful cancer battle plan

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An integral part of any cancer battle plan is coffee enemas. In fact, coffee enemas are not optional treatments for cancer that can be lightly skipped over. Max Gerson was the first to propose that coffee enemas have a positive effect on cancer patients. According to Gerson, coffee enemas improve circulation and tissue integrity to prevent the spread of cancer while helping the body destroy malignant tumors. Coffee enemas primarily facilitate excretion of toxic wastes from the liver, but these enemas also flush fat out of the liver. Coffee enemas also promote and enhance the absorption of vitamin A, enabling patients to use copious amounts of vitamin A to fight cancer – especially when combined with juice fasting, which plays a vital role in immune function. ~ via Cancer Nutritionist Craig Stellpflug, NDC

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Done right, coffee enemas are a front-line cancer treatment.

Done right, coffee enemas are a front-line cancer treatment.