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The HPV vaccine: preventing cancer or causing it?

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HPV infections can be linked to cervical cancer, but most women under 25 years old will clear the HPV infection all by themselves. So why the huge push for the Gardasil HPV vaccines? It hasn’t proven to have saved any lives; in fact, the toxic vaccine has caused a mounting death toll, sickness from adverse reactions, permanent disabilities and widespread misery far beyond the reaches of the purported protection. Follow the money and you’ll find Big Pharma behind it all. And they really don’t give a care if your daughter or son dies or gets crippled from the vaccine as long as the child gets the vaccine and Big Pharma gets paid. But don’t believe me, check out the VAERS website for yourself before letting your son or daughter be the next victim of bad medicine.

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~ via Cancer Nutritionist Craig Stellpflug, NDC

Do your own research and educate before you vaccinate.

Do your own research and educate before you vaccinate.