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Cancer has causes: Why we get cancer

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Cancer is caused by what we eat, how active our lifestyles are and what is absorbed in our body from our environment. In other words, eat a lousy diet, lead a sedentary life, take poisonous medications, keep a devil-may-care attitude about radiation exposure and you are promoting cancer and essentially inviting it into your life.  Less than 5% of cancer is caused by genetics. Cancer is turned on or off by epigenetics – the study of inheritable diseases – not as they relate to our DNA  – but as they relate to environmental toxins, lifestyles and diets. Let’s look at one little “for instance”: In 2007 alone it was estimated that 29,000 new cancer cases would be caused by CT radiation. Does this give you pause to consider if one CT scan is worth the risk? Unfortunately, your doctor will probably never tell you this fact. Leave your health in the hands of the “experts” and you will get what every one else is getting – cancer and chronic disease in epic proportions. You have to become responsible for your own health. Dare to be different!

I’ve always said: “The best time to seek your health is while you still have it”.

You can't afford the health of the status quo...

You can’t afford the health of the status quo…

~ via Cancer Nutritionist Craig Stellpflug, NDC

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